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Instructions - Play

Plywood, compass, acrylic,

wire mesh and thread,

Size varies


Instructions: Play is a series of interactive sculptures that investigate what identity means to a generation interested in fluidity as opposed to labels. Games were chosen as a means to explore these aspects - children are first introduced to ideas of social hierarchy, leadership and rules through them.

Belief explores concrete belief systems through the artists personal experience with the religion she was brought up with. Using visual associations to the Ka'bah and the compass that are intrinsically associated with Islam, the magnet imitates the marching of followers during the ritual of tawaf.

Regime borrows its form from a favoured fortune-telling origami game played by the artist when she was a child. Quickly, the artist realised the game was played by a lot of her colleagues from different parts of the globe. Words inspired by Plato's 5 regimes were sown in to replace the more traditional predictions the origami piece was used to.

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