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Organized by Asli, Sara, Julia and I - 5in5 is a collective and an experiment with some definite and non-definite goals. One of the more definite goals: 5 exhibitions in 5 months - across London!

This project involves us to go out into the real world to look for art spaces, curate, organise and mediate artists to create interesting shows around London.


What we've done so far:

1. Exhibition: ONE | Chelsea D-block

2. 5in5 Headquarters

We took over the student union space in Chelsea as an open studio for people to get ready our next exhibition: TWO. We also held a speed-dating event for people who might be looking for partners to collaborate with in future art projects.

3. Exhibition: TWO | Buster Mantis, Peckam

4. Exhibition: THREE | hARSTLANE


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