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Key Event | Seminar | Lecture | Tutorial

Key Events:

Took part in meetings organised by Ruby, Sophie K, Erika, Anouska during initial stages of the first 4 key events.

Discussion - Main themes, umbrella groups and methods of organization, speaker list.

Took part in the discussions that narrowed down themes and the main aims and goals we wanted to achieve in the events.


Misunderestimating the Encounter, or How Art Learned to Stop Worrying and Hate the Audience by Ben Fitton

- Gave me insight on the different types of audiences (curator, artists, gallerists, random walk-ins, art lovers, art hater)

- Introduced the love/hate relationship people have with interactive act

- Claire Bishop

- Audience through the internet (the lies of the experience through the virtual screen)

BA Lectures:

1. Fanon and Subjectivity (Bernice Donszelmann) KEY TEXT: Frantz Fanon (2008), ‘The Fact of Blackness’, Black Skin, White Masks, London: Pluto Press, 82-108

-VERY important lecture that introduced me to the theorist Frantz Fanon

-Crisis of the colonized black subject

-Post-colonial theory and Fanon's criticism of the nation-state+nationalism

-Decolonization of the mind

2. Critical artists making critical art for critical audiences? (Ben Fitton)

1:1 Tutorial:

Ope Lori

-Important tutorial that introduced me to transcultural art and artists

-Introduced me to UAL's TrAIN

-Conversations on "Othering", categorisation and post-colonial theory

-Gave me confidence on the path my research was taking

-Answered questions on Fanon (confusing texts)

Katrine Hjelde

- Spoke about 2 different works and went through research

- Gave me a good guidance for a plan of action for the offsite show

- Spoke about online portfolios and presentations

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