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Vocal Artefacts,


Installation comprising of recordings of collected vocal artefacts, breathing lights, Exerpts of Patent number US6,658,577B2



One of the steps of audio post-production for a voice that will be broadcasted is to ‘clean’ it up. To remove sounds of excessive breaths, lips smacking and other ‘Vocal Artefacts’
Vocal Artefacts are sounds that aren’t compatible with audio recording devices. The speed of air produced with certain sounds like /f/, /s/, /k/ creates a disturbance in the mic. We collected these sounds from the 3 exercises performed by the voice actors for the exhibition. I wanted to fill the room with these vocal residues that recording devices can’t contain and which would have otherwise been discarded. 
While we listen to these artefacts the room illuminates under two breathing lights. The rhythm of their breath is taken from a patent that belongs to Apple. The rhythmic light indicates when the computer is put into sleep mode.

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